"Senor Muldoon, did you see the lights?"

Ramón was a man who worked at Jurassic Park.


Isla Nublar IncidentEdit

He was part of the maintenance crew that helped Robert Muldoon fix the park fences when the auxiliary power returned. He also pointed out the jeep Dennis Nedry stole, but said it was lights (because he could not directly see it). Muldoon dismissed it saying it was "probably another maintenance crew".

Whether or not he survived the incident is in question.


  • He was more than likely Costa Rican, mainly because of his name and he had an accent.


Ramón: Senor Muldoon, did you see the lights [referring to Nedry's jeep]

Muldoon: What lights?

Ramón: I saw it as we were coming out. It is there, very faint. You see it? It looks like the lights of a car, but it is not moving.

Muldoon: We'll worry about it later. Right now let's see if we can get this tree off the fence.