Ranger helicopter

The ranger helicopter is the main form of transport for the Jurassic Park rangers in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It's a modified Bell 222 or 230-series (the 230 and four-blade 430 are an improved and stretched 222 airframe), best remembered as 1980s television's "Airwolf."

It sports green camouflage and the Jurassic park " JP " logo. Inside is a ranger with a .50 Cal rifle for retiring and sedating dinosaurs. The helicopter is designed as a multipurpose platform for the player to respond to all emergencies.

Capabilities Edit

The main tool of the ranger helicopter is the .50 cal rifle that JP rangers use to deal with various situations. The dinosaurs can be shot with tranquilizer darts, this sedates them so that they can be moved. Rangers can also use standard bullets which retires them. Dinosaurs can also be shot with vaccine darts which cures them of any diseases and vaccinates them against disease. Other utilities include the ability to rescue threatened visitors to avoid fatalities in your park. Muster which herds dinosaurs in certain directions. Lures can also be used to attract herbivores or carnivores.