The chapter begins with Malcolm chiding and talking down on a worker named Tim setting up a dinosaur model exhibit on campus, accusing the man of not properly conveying the viciousness and power of the animal (in this case, a velociraptor). Malcolm stalks off, and shortly afterwards admits to himself that Elizabeth Gelman's remarks about the specimen sample and tag had bothered him far more than anticipated. Malcolm returns to his office, where his secretary mentions that she left a message with Dr. Levine's people but that no one's been able to get ahold of him. She also mentions that the photographers arrived and finished about an hour ago. Malcolm, confused, asks what she means. Beverly replies that photographers from Chaos Quarterly arrived to take photographs of Ian's office as part of an article on famous mathematicians and that Malcolm gave them written permission, to which he denies and states he's never heard of that magazine.

He searches his office, but finds nothing missing or disturbed. His eyes fall on the map that he had been using to keep track of all the reports of animal carcasses in Costa Rica; realizing that the map was the target. He tells Beverly everything is alright and she leaves for home. After Beverly leaves, Malcolm calls Levine to tell him that the map is no longer secure and that the evidence on the tag has narrowed down their search for Site Be. Instead of Levine, Thorne picks up and tells Malcolm to come over to Levine's place immediately.