Raptor Alpha is part of the Kenner toy line, 'Chaos Effect'. It is a genetically advanced Velociraptor.

According to the Bio on the toy's box, Raptor Alpha was a jungle predator who was specialized in night-time pack hunting, and that their unusual colored camouflage worked best at night time.

This super-raptor is faster, stronger and more intelligent than a normal raptor, also more aggressive. Raptor Alpha was bred for nocturnal hunting and the camouflage makes it almost invisible during night time. When, scientists thought with these dinosaurs that they finally could control raptors as pets, they were wrong.

Length: 3m/10 feet Height: 1.5 m/5 feet Weight: 75 kilos.

Species: Genetically enhanced Velociraptor nublariensis.

There was also an unreleased Orange variation in the Chaos Effect Night Hunters series.