Raptor Encounter is an attraction at Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood. The premise of the attraction is to let guests interact with a Velociraptor in a meet-and-greet reception. The difference between the two parks is in the California version, the raptors can interact with guests in an open area; while the raptors at the Florida version interacts with guests from inside their enclosure. Both attractions were opened in 2015; with the one in Islands of Adventure opened in late May, while the one in Hollywood opened in July, around the time Jurassic World was released. The raptors guest will meet in both attractions will also have their own name based on their random appearance; a brown raptor is called "Zulu" ("Lucy" in the Orlando version), a green raptor is named "Tango", and "Bravo" will have Blue's color scheme. Blue herself had made her debut in both attractions since at least the 31st of May in 2018.

The Velociraptors in the encounters are capable of a plethora of behavioural actions, with aggressive actions such as roaring, snapping, opening their mouths looking to attempt to bite the guests (only to be scolded by their tamers), to more benevolent behaviours such as nodding in understanding, sniffing at guests when examining them, rubbing their heads or noses or leaning on the guests to show affection, or even letting some people pet them when their "mood" is up for that, it appears that this happens when the raptors notice someone isn't afraid of them.