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"It's a birdcage."
The following article contains spoilers for an upcoming or recent installment in the Jurassic Park Franchise. Please be careful viewing this article if you do not wish to be spoiled.

This article is about the Velociraptor Paddock made for Jurassic World. You might be looking for the Velociraptor Paddock made for Jurassic Park.

Velociraptors and Owen

Inside the Velociraptor Paddock.

The Raptor Paddock[1][2] is a paddock on Isla Nublar near the location of Rexy's old paddock that housed four Velociraptors. Simon Masrani assigned the InGen Security Division to build the arena and investigate the raptor's intelligence. The arena was not open for visitors of Jurassic World. It is also known as the Raptor Research Arena.



The outside of the raptor paddock

Simon Masrani wanted to investigate the Velociraptor's intelligence before opening them to visitors of the park. This project was assigned to the InGen Security, under the supervision of Vic Hoskins. The Raptor Research Arena was built in 2013 or before.[3] It was probably located on the east coast of the island.[1]

Barry and marine Owen Grady were hired to train the raptors.[4] Four raptors were created/bred for the project: Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. Owen was probably present at their birth.[1] The raptors were 73% trained and Owen taught them over 40 commands.[5]

A small incident occurred where newly hired Jurassic World worker Leon fell inside the paddock when he was feeding its inhabitants where he was met with hostility from Blue and her subordinates, the Velociraptor Paddock's raptor pack. Thankfully for Leon Owen Grady jumped in front of the raptors and calmed them before anything bad happened.[4]


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LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

The raptor enclosure can be seen in the LEGO Jurassic World game.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

The set 75920 Raptor Escape includes the Velociraptor Paddock.


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