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Vic Hoskins and Masrani infront of Screen showing Restricted Area (top)

The Restricted Area is one of the primary locations of Jurassic World and the aboriginal grounds of the original park, Jurassic Park.

Zach and his brother Gray go into the Restricted Area, in a gyrosphere, despite the order to come back. Shortly after going inside, the recently-escaped Indominus rex attacks and almost kills the two boys. They barely escape by jumping over a waterfall. Owen Grady and their aunt Claire Dearing later go inside to search for them, and find their demolished gyrosphere, with the Indominus's tooth embedded in the vehicle, similar to a scene in the 1975 movie JAWS, where Matt Hooper finds a great white shark's tooth in the hull of a battered boat. Meanwhile, Gray and Zach come across the Visitor's Center of the original Jurassic Park. They enter the garage, and find some old Jeep Wranglers. Zach, reminding Gray of the time they fixed their grandfather's old Malibu, figures he can get one of the Jeeps to work again, and he does so; the boys use the Jeep to get back to the park. Owen and Claire arrive shortly afterwards. Owen expresses surprise that they were able to get one of the Jeeps to work, and attempts to do the same. However, he and Claire also encounter the Indominus, and they too narrowly escape.