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In the chapter Return, the current whereabouts of Dr. Gerry Harding's group and the prominent InGen personnel inside the Control Room are revealed. It also briefly discusses John Arnold's thoughts on the current situation with the power outage.


Dr. Gerry Harding, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Donald Gennaro are departing the Stegosaurus Paddock when they come upon a fallen tree in the middle of the road. Dr. Gerry Harding tries to contact John Arnold in the Control Room to report the tree over the radio, but can not pick up any radio channels. With no other way to bypass the tree in the middle of the storm, Dr. Harding turns his jeep around to take the maintenance road.

Five minutes after John Arnold told the guards to search for Dennis Nedry in the Visitor Center, Robert Muldoon approaches Arnold to tell him that one of the jeeps in the Garage is missing. The two men then discuss the whereabouts of the people outside of the Control Room. Ultimately, the power cannot be put back on without Nedry, who is nowhere to be found.

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