Ricardo Delgado is a film and comic book artist who briefly worked on Jurassic Park III. In addition, he has also most well known for creating the comic series Age of Reptiles, which also revolves around dinosaurs.

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Involvment in the franchiseEdit

In 2000, Ricardo Delgado worked on Jurassic Park III by creating concept art and storyboards, primarily of the Spinosaurus.[1] Delgado recalls in an interview with the magazine Prehistoric Times that he was brought onto the film by Ed Verreaux, production designer of Jurassic Park III. Delgado has said that he did not work with Mark "Crash" McCreery and Stan Winston Studio, but rather David Lowery, Rodolfo Damaggio, and Jack Johnson. When creating concept art of the film, Delgado took inspiration from paleoartist Doug Henderson.[2] He was uncredited for his work on the film.

Notes and referencesEdit

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