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    Dr. Ryan Crest is a minor character in Jurassic World, played by actor Brent Kappel. Crest was one of Dr. Henry Wu's geneticists.


Dr. Ryan Crest was one of Dr. Henry Wu's scientists at the Hammond Creation Lab in 2015. Dr. Crest was seen working in the sequencing and assembly areas of the lab. His ID card shows that he is a geneticist. He was probably partially responsible in the creation of the Indominus rex.[1] Crest, along with the other geneticists, fled the lab but was caught in a stampede of people trying to escape the Pteranodons. Crest was caught by a Pteranodon and ultimately killed.[citation needed]

Production Information Edit

Brent Kappel, who played Dr. Ryan Crest, confirmed his character perished during the Pteranodon's attack on Main Street.



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