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SS Venture
The S.S. Venture was an InGen owned ship featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It was huge and built to transport dinosaurs in safety, having several cages and containment areas inside. Peter Ludlow loaded a tranquilized Tyrannosaurus rex onto the ship where it was taken to San Diego. Speculation was that the T. Rex somehow killed the crew, somehow escaping the cargo hold but this is false.Though the scene was never shot, Spielberg has said that the crew of the S.S. Venture was killed right before leaving the island, the auto pilot already engaged, the raptors left the ship and the boat went to San Diego with no living crew. Once the ship nears the InGen port, contact is attempted, but cannot be established. The ship then rams the dock. The vessels transponder signal is Venture 5888.

Ludlow was shocked to find the entire crew ripped to shreds and was even more shocked to see the T. rex escape the cargo hold and rampage through the streets of San Diego, which later became known as the San Diego incident.

One of the crew members told Sarah Harding and Ian Malcolm that during the transport the T. rex was about to die because of the tranquilizer darts. To save the animal they gave him an antidote, but they didn't know how much to use. After the incident the S.S. Venture brought the unconscious T. rex (and its infant) back to Isla Sorna.



  • The S.S. Venture is a likely reference to King Kong, as both films have a ship called "The Venture" that take a large, prehistoric gorilla from an island filed with dinosaurs to a major city.

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