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A Picture is Worth 100 Points is a Safari mission in the video game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It is the first mission unlocked in the game and is one of the easiest.


A recent documentary has accused Jurassic Park of being a fraud. Help us prove them wrong!


The player must pilot a Land Cruiser (of which he or she can use up to 3) around the island and take photos of the dinosaurs. You also have 10 shots to earn 100 points. Since the majority of dinosaurs are herbivorous and henceforth not dangerous, it is possible to get up close to them.

  • Take pictures containing multiple dinosaurs.
  • The two Allosaurus can destroy the Land Cruiser. There is no replacement.
  • Hurting dinosaurs costs points. Look out for Dilophosaurs.

Dinosaurs featuredEdit

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