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Danger Safari Club: Earn money from the Thrill Seekers Danger Club by taking pictures of carnivores eating, hunting, and fighting. Remember, do not get too close.

Island and start settingsEdit

Objectives Edit

Earn as much points as you can for taking picture of carnivores eating, hunting, and fighting (note that the second picture taken will be given penalty).

Tips and tricks Edit

For the first part, you will be next to a Tyrannosaurus that's hunting a herd of Styracosaurus. Approach it but don't get too close. When the Tyrannosaurus is eating, take a picture of it and leave as soon as possible. For the Northern part of the island where a Spinosaurus and some Carcharodontosaurus are, take their picture from a far distance, since they will most likely to attack your land cruiser.

Dinosaurs featuredEdit