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Jurassic Park Calendar: Jurassic Park tourists would like a calendar. Take pictures of dinosaurs drinking, eating, sleeping, fighting, playing and hunting.

Island and start settingsEdit

When you arrive on site the island is home to many dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, and Homalocephale.

Objectives Edit

Take 2 pictures of dinosaurs playing, hunting, fighting, drinking, eating, and sleeping.

Tips and tricks Edit

The easiest dinosaurs to take a picture from is the herbivore dinosaurs, since they can do activities like playing, sleeping, and eating. For fighting and hunting dinosaurs, try to find a Velociraptor or a Ceratosaurus around the island parts (a T.rex can be found on the West part of the island, just in case you want to take a hunting/eating dinosaurs picture).

Dinosaurs featuredEdit