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Sarkastodon lev5

Sarkastodon was a carnivorous mammal that lived approximately 35 million years ago in what is today Mongolia.

The name Sarkastodon means "Flash-Tearing Tooth" in Greek.[1] Except for its long fluffy tail, the Sarkastodon resembles a modern grizzly bear.[2] Just like the modern Grizzly bear, the Sarkastodon fed on fish, plants and other animals.[3] The teeth of the Sarkastodon were well adapted to crush bones.[4]

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Sarkastodon


Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability Common
DNA Research 24000JPB Coins x10
Placement Cost 291100 JPB Coins
Incubation Time 72:11:59
Dimensions Glacier

In Jurassic Park: Builder Sarkastodon can be created in the Glacier Park section. To complete the mission Puzzle Pieces, the player must collect 3,000 from Sarkastodon with 10% bonus.

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Unmodified Earning Rates (2 Hrs) Feeding Costs (Glacier Meat) Ferocity Life Attack
1 2751/7 Hours) JPB Coins 275 Glacier Meat



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