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This maintenance building was located in the Sauropod Swamp area on Isla Nublar. In contains a lot of equipment for Park Rangers and veterinarians like Gerry Harding.

The barred entrance gate is large enough to drive a truck through. The bars have enough distance between them for a human to slip through. The gate is locked with a heavy padlock.[1]

It also contained bales of hay. Hay was needed as additional food for the dinosaurs in this area. At 5:00 AM bales of hay are automatically transported out of the building by a conveyor belt.[2]

Another gate in the building leads to an underground tunnel to the Raft Storage Maintenance Building at the edge of the logoon.[3]

Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex hid in this building from the recently-escaped dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and used it as a shelter while they slept. They use the hay in the building as a bed.[1] Dr. Grant tried their phone only to hear static. It is also where Lex met "Ralph" the Triceratops.

Equipment Edit

The novel contains a list of the equipment in this building:[3].

  • five-gallon containers of herbicide
  • tree-pruning equipment
  • spare tires for a Jeep
  • coils of cyclone fencing
  • hundred-pound fertilizer bags
  • stacks of brown ceramic insulators
  • motor-oil cans
  • work lights
  • cables
  • Map of the island
  • bags of cement
  • copper pipe
  • green mesh
  • plastic oars
  • compressed-air pistol
  • cloth belt that held MORO-709 darts

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