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Sideshow Collectibles are famous for their breath taking excellent detailed sculpts, one line in particular was their Jurassic Park line which consisted of three sculpts: original, exclusive, and bronze. Each one based off the Tyrannosaurus vs Velociraptor fight in the Visitor Center.



Sideshow Collectibles Jurassic Park T-Rex vs Raptors

The Original Sculpt

The original sculpt came with the T.rex with a Raptor in its jaws and one attached to its side and the Visitor Center's floor. It would cost you $249.99.


Exclusive Edition

The Exclusive Sculpt

The exclusive came with everything the original plus an added bonus the "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth!" banner. It would cost you $299.99.


Bronze Edition

The Bronze Sculpt

The bronze sculpt was cast in bronze and came with everything the original had. It would cost you $898.89.

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