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As Eddie, Thorne and Malcolm observe the dinosaurs across the plain, Eddie asks if this island was somehow bypassed by time and dinosaurs were able to continue existing there. Malcolm, realising Eddie hasn't been told what is going on, begins to explain that there is a logical explanation for what is going on when a beeping noise begins emitting from the trailer's dashboard. On their GPS, they start picking up Levine's signal from the sensors built into his backpack and note that it seems to be coming from the valley ahead of them. They begin following the road leading toward Levine's signal, passing by several ruined and overgrown concrete guardhouses and checkpoints along the way. Suddenly the road curves and below them they see a huge facility spread out before them, roughly two football fields in size. Behind the facility was a smaller building with a blocky roof that Thorne suspected was a power plant; at the end of the complex he saw loading bays and turnarounds for cargo trucks.

Throne asks Malcolm if he knows what it is, who says that its a manufacturing plant and he's been suspicious of it for awhile now. Thorne seems incredulous at its size when Eddie contacts them over the radio and tells them Levine's signal is coming from inside the complex. They find the complex's main entrance and park the vehicles where the sun can recharge them; the complex itself was being overgrown with vines hanging from the roof, ferns growing up between cracks in the concrete and panes of glass laying shattered. The three men prepare themselves and enter the ruined building to look for Levine.

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