Floating down the Site B river

"The river! Site B! The river!"
—Dr. Grant alerting Ellie_Sattler to where he was during the Spinosaurus attack(src)

The Site B River was a river on Isla Sorna featured in Jurassic Park III.

It was not seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Role in Jurassic Park 3Edit

Billy Brennan falls into the river below the "birdcage", and is then is attacked and seemingly killed by some of the Pteranodon. The rest of the group find their way out of the aviary. The remaining survivors from the original search party, Alan Grant and the Kirbys, find a small boat which they use to travel down the river. On the way, they encounter a group of other herbivorous dinosaurs. By nightfall, the group finds and retrieves the satellite phone from inside the feces belonging to the Spinosaurus. Later, the predator follows them down river silently from below the waves, where it begins attacking and capsizing the boat as Alan tries to contact Ellie Sattler. He is only able to convey the words "The River, Site B!" before the phone disconnects. Alan and Paul manage to scare off the Spinosaurus for good by lighting the boat's fuel on fire. They then walk along the river back to the shoreline on the coast, where they are rescued by the Navy and the Marines, sent by Ellie.