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    "Subject V-2" is the name of a Velociraptor made for InGen Security Division's IBRIS Project during its initiation phase. She was rejected by the project due to her aggressive and unpredictable behavior, thus she was euthanized. She was brown like The Big One with a blue stripe very similar to Blue, but more faint in color. She also had two small, vertical scars on her snout.

Behind the scenesEdit


Unused color patterns for Subject V-2.

There are other unused color patterns for V-2. The first is similar to the final version except that it has a brighter light blue with bright yellow eyes and the other is a reddish orange with greenish eyes. The orange variant also has its mouth more closed and its two scars farther apart from each other.[1] Jack Ewins, the co-creator of the viral site said these variations were based on The Lost World Series 1 Bull T-Rex and Electronic Velociraptor "Snap Jaw" respectively.[2]

Notes and referecnesEdit

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