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Suchomimus jup-582

Name meaning

"Crocodile Mimic"

Code name



Carnivore (Mostly Fish Eater)


3.8-5 m (12-16 feet)


9.7-11.5 m (32-38 feet possibly larger)


3-4 tons


Sahara Desert, Egypt


Isla Sorna (mentioned by Billy Brennan)

Birth type


Film appearances

Jurassic Park III (mentioned)
Jurassic World

Game appearances

Warpath: Jurassic Park

"It's a superpredator. Suchomimus?"
Billy Brennan(src)

Suchomimus ("crocodile mimic") was a spinosaurid dinosaur. It seems to be a close relative to Spinosaurus, and looks very similar to this star of Jurassic Park III. Suchomimus, however, lacked the tall spines and sail of its famous cousin since it's vertebrae were much smaller.

"It was a dinosaur trying hard to be a crocodile," says Palaeontologist Paul Sereno after he discovered a Suchomimus tenerensis during an expedition to Africa. It had a long snout filled with teeth that seem designed to catch fish. Long, powerful arms ended in three-fingered hands with huge claws, which would have been useful for holding on to large gar fish, which may have made up part of its diet. Suchomimus lived 105 million years ago and this skeleton is the most complete in existence of any of the spinosaur family of dinosaurs. The original Spinosaurus skeleton was destroyed in WWII when a museum in Berlin was destroyed by Allied bombers.

Other paleontologists say that the discovery of Suchomimus is important as it illustrates the diversity of dinosaurs. In particular, this discovery illustrates that a large carnivore that lived on land could survive eating mostly fish. [1]

Jurassic Park IIIEdit


Illustration of Suchomimus from the JP:Institute website

Suchomimus was mentioned by Billy Brennan in Jurassic Park III as what he thought the Spinosaurus was.

Jurassic WorldEdit

Suchomimus is one of the many dinosaurs that reside at Jurassic World according to the park's brochure.

Jurassic Park inspired games Edit

  • Suchomimus made an appearance in the PSX game Warpath: Jurassic Park. Its primary stage is the visitor gate from Isla Nublar. In the game it was code named "Sucho". If one looks closely, its head

    Suchomimus wins

    resembles the Baryonyx's head from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (console game). It's inaccurate size is possibly the true size of the Spinosaurus, since the Suchomimus in this game is larger than the T. rex, and this is the largest dinosaur in the game. It has 3 colors: grey, blue-ish purple, and dark green.

A Spinosaurus in Operation Genesis, modified to look like a Suchomimus.

  • In Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Suchomimus can be made by modifying Spinosaurus (as pictured to the lower right). This can also be done to make a Baryonyx.

Suchomimus defeated.


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