The T. rex Rescue Scene is the very last scene of Jurassic Park. The group arrive in the main hall of the Visitor Center. They are attacked by The Big One and another velociraptor. Before the velociraptors can pounce on the group, they are devoured by Rexy.

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It is unknown what this scene was called by the filming crew. It was titled Scene 137 and Scene 137A in the Jurassic Park Film Script. On the DVD's Extra Features/Storyboards this part is called Ending.

The scene is called (until further information is revealed) here T. rex Rescue, named after the title of its background music (see Jurassic Park (Film Score)).

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Jurassic Park (10 10) Movie CLIP - When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1993) HD

Jurassic Park (10 10) Movie CLIP - When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1993) HD

Just as the Group have been cornered by The Big One and another raptor, Rexy bursts through a hole in the unfinished structure, grabbing the raptor and distracting The Big One long enough to provide the group time to escape out the front door of the Visitor's Center. Seeing it's member devoured by Rexy, The Big One pounces onto Rexy. Clawing and biting at Rexy's neck, The Big One topples into Rexy's jaws where she is devoured. Rexy tosses The Big One's corpse into a decorative skeleton, destroying The Big One, and stands fully upright to shout a ground-shaking, victory bellow as the "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth" banner falls in front of her.

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Originally, Rexy wasn't planned to rescue the group in this scene. The group would hide in a crane. Alan Grant would use the crane to kill the raptors.

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This scene became an icon of the Jurassic Park franchise. Therefore it is featured often in media.

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Where did the raptor go?

  • When Rexy is eating the first raptor, apparently, the raptor disappears for a frame inside the mouth, then reappears.