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An image of the Tanaconda toy

Name meaning

""Long Trunk"/"Long Stem""

Hybrid of:

Tanystropheus + Anaconda



Toy appearances

Chaos Effect

Template Source

Chaos Genesis: Tanystropheus & Anaconda

Tanystropheus: Long-necked, marine reptile

Anaconda: Long, powerful snake

Length: 18 ft Weight: 795 kg Diet: Carnivore

Behaviour: A silent hunter, the Tanaconda is a perfect amphibious predator. Its long neck is ideal for darting after fish and constricting any unlucky land-based prey. Venom glands located in the Tanaconda’s throat inject poison into its victims through lethal, piercing fangs.


The name Tanystropheus means "long vertebra", and the name "Anaconda" may derive from the Sinhalese words hena ("lightning"/"large") and kanda ("stem"/"trunk"). Thus, the name "Tanaconda" could mean "long trunk" or "long stem". 

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