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The Beach is the first level and starting point into the world of Trespasser. During the course of the level, the user becomes familiarized with the interface and the virtual island, as well as encountering its unique inhabitants.


For a complete walkthrough: The Beach on TresCom

Anne starts at the east coast of Isla Sorna. When she walks uphill she will arrive at the construction site where the hotels for businessmen and visitors were supposed to be built.

At that site she sees the markings of a railway and follows them land inward. The trail leads her to an enclosed area where weapons can be found. As she keeps following the railway she passes a small valley where two Brachiosaurs walk.

Then she arrives at an open area where one Velociraptor (Tribe A) is hinding in the hills to attack her. To continue she has to climb up to a seesaw.

The railway leads her to the place where the station was planned to be build. Here a second raptor will try to attack Anne.

The site is surrounded by a stone wall and the gate is closed. She has to walk up the stairs and jump on the railway. When she walks to the left she can jump over the wall. Then she screen freezes and the second level will be loaded.

Normally this jump will cost one of Anne's hitpoints, but since this one is mandatory it won't harm Anne. Alle weapons that Anne was carrying when she jumped will be lost in the next level.


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Level 1 - The Beach

Level 1 - The Beach