The emily

The Emily

The Emily was a small freighter owned by InGen. Occasionally it was taken off shore to observe the dinosaurs' interactions in the wild. Eventually it was scuttled by the United States military due to a quarantine measure.

Currently, thanks to a serious storm some time in 1997, the Emily is beached on a wharf in the island's main harbor. This storm may be a possible reference to Hurricane Clarissa from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Quotes about the EmilyEdit

John Hammond has a number of different phrases to say about the Emily:

  • VH92 - The Emily was a tug for bringing in the bigger freighters. Occasionally we took it out to observe specimens from offshore… Or to sweep the tide for traces of our operation.
  • VH93 - It was scuttled in 1989 as a quarantine measure soon after I gave the government my testimony.