Malcolm arrives at Levine's apartment and begins talking to Thorne, stating that he knew Levine would do something reckless after figuring out that Levine had deduced the location of Site B and had run off without telling anyone. Thorne asks if Ian has figured out which island they are looking for, to which Ian replies he has not although they had narrowed it down to a chain of five islands roughly 10 miles off-coast of Puerto Cortez; Isla Mantaceros, Isla Muerte, Isla Tacano, Isla Sorna and Isla Pena. According to local folklore, the chain is known as  "The Five Deaths" due to a story about a warrior who was captured and offered the choice of five deaths; the warrior chose them all and traveled to each island and experienced intense trials.

Thorne tells Malcolm that Arby managed to recover some files from Levine's InGen computer and they decide to see if there is any information in there that indicates which island they are looking for; the first document is a simple plan revision sheet indicating changes made to various facilities while the second document indicates there is some sort of network set up on the island (while also confirming they are indeed looking for an island). Disappointed, Ian is about to write off hopes of finding information on the computers when Arby manages to recover a map legend of Site B which indicates landmarks such as "Laboratory", "Mountain Road", "Geothermal Power", "Boathouse" and "Worker Village" among several more. Malcolm thanks Arby and tells him this is just what they need to figure out which island is the one Levine is trapped on.