Under the mid-day sun Eddie, Levine, and Thorne assemble their observational platform which they refer to as a "High Hide", given that they can hide up off the ground in it away from animals. Levine notes that the structure is too shiny, so he and Eddie chop down palm fronds to cover the exterior as well as to make a more complete floor for the platform at the top as the spaces in between the floor bars are wide enough for their feet to slip through. Once complete, the group observes dinosaurs grazing and drinking across the valley while Malcolm tells Arby that the reason the island is so important is because it has a lot to teach them about extinction. He explains that when InGen shut down the facility years ago, it was suddenly and some animals were left behind. Those animals reached adulthood and began to breed; now the island has a complete ecosystem with many dinosaurs involved in it with zero influence from the outside world. A completely contained environment; Malcolm suggests that over the next few days they will gain insight into dinosaur behavior that may have led to their extinction.