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The first level of the video game The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the Compsognathus

Intro VideoEdit

Jurassic Park The Lost World - Compy Intro00:52

Jurassic Park The Lost World - Compy Intro

Compy Intro

The intro shows DNA scan and information regarding Compsognathus. It is possible to spot an easter egg if you're fast enough: "Looking for secret messages? You found one! Congratulations! Though, come to think of it, this isn't much of a secret. It's actually quite lame. I'm sorry."

Level 1: High Ridge Edit

Starting from a lush forest the compy must make his way.

Enemies encountered:

Level 2: Rain Forest Edit

The compy fights more enemies in the rainforest.

Enemies encountered:

Level 3: Creek Bed Edit

Deeper in the forest...

Enemies encountered:

  • Staurikosaurus
  • Leptoceratops

Level 4: Aisle of Giants Edit

The compy must traverse through a stampede of Brachiosaurus.

Enemies encountered:

Level 5: Sleeping Titan Edit

The compy encounters a Carnotaurus.

Enemies encountered:

Level 6: Plains Edit

A savanna field environment.

Enemies encountered:

Level 7: River's Edge Edit

Enemies encountered:

  • Staurikosaurus
  • Deinonychus
  • Dimorphodon

Level 8: Beneath The Surface Edit

An underwater swim to the ocean caverns.

Enemies encountered:

Level 9: Tidal Cavern Edit

In a column shaped cave the player must dodge a hunter to escape to safety.

Enemies encountered:

  • Human Hunter