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The fourth level of the video game The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Intro VideoEdit

Jurassic Park The Lost World -Trex Intro00:52

Jurassic Park The Lost World -Trex Intro

T. rex Intro

The intro shows some recordings on herbivore dinosaurs, before shifting to the player's Rex footage, recorded on live feed. During the intro, it is possible to spot an easter egg: "Extremely Secret JP3 Script".

Level 1: Aftermath Edit

The rex starts where the raptor left off in the aftermath of the fire avoiding raptor packs and killing a Stegosaurus. It is very likely that the rumblings in the last Raptor level was from the rex.

Enemies encountered:

Level 2: Force Of Nature Edit

The forest ruins.

Enemies encountered:

  • Velociraptor
  • Stegosaurus

Level 3: Sulphur Fields Edit

The rex is in a field of hot geysers and peeved Triceratops, where the rex later enters a cave.

Enemies encountered:

Level 4: Dinosaur Lairs Edit

Allosaurs lurk in the dead ends of the cave. Beware, they're very evasive.

Enemies encountered:

Level 5: Predator's Ball Edit

In the cave, the rex encounters humans trying to kill it; more Allosaurs lurk within.

Enemies encountered:

  • Allosaurus
  • Human Hunter

Level 6: Hunter Camp Edit

Eventually the rex leaves the caves and enters a camp, disabling electric gates and eating numerous people.

Enemies encountered:

  • Human Hunter

Level 7: The Hunters Regroup Edit

The rex enters deeper into the camp, killing more humans and destroying electric generaotrs that power up the camp's fences.

Enemies encountered:

  • Human Hunter

Special Edition Level: Jurassic ParkEdit

Taking place during the Isla Nublar incident in the first film. This level is available only in the Special Edition of the game.

Enemies encountered:

  • Human Hunter