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The third level of the video game The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the Velociraptor.

Intro VideoEdit

Jurassic Park The Lost World - Raptor Intro00:54

Jurassic Park The Lost World - Raptor Intro

Raptor Intro

The video shows information about the Velociraptor, and the "death tolls" it caused. It then shows a footage recorded in live feed; an InGen personnel is chased and killed by Raptors.

Level 1: The Way Out Edit

Starting in a complex controlled by humans.

Enemies encountered:

  • Human Hunter

Level 2: Raptor RavineEdit

The raptor breaks free into the forest in the Raptor Ravine.

Enemies encountered:

Level 3: The Burn ZoneEdit

The raptor runs trough a forest fire, probably a man made one, which rages through the entire forest.

Enemies encountered:

Level 4: Into The Fire Edit

The raptor is caught in the eye of chaos in the second shortest character mode in the game. Along the way, it was forced to attack its own fellow raptors, who in turn attack the player, and finally a Triceratops.

Enemies encountered:

Level 5: Eye Of Chaos Edit

The boss for the raptor is the Euoplacephalus. When the raptor kills it a rumbling occurs as the ground shakes... indicating that something big is approaching.

Enemies encountered: