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The Lost World is an exercise in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, in this you have to clean up Site B and take photos of dinosaurs for the scientific community. This island is based on Isla Sorna.


When you first arrive on the island you'll find that there are herbivorous dinosaurs, in two enclosures that are a quarter big and surrounding the main park area. Opposite is two other enclosures but parts of the fence are breached so this is presumably where the carnivores are. However apparently the island was run by a previous manager and obviously failed because Velociraptor's are running free, the park was also put into emergency mode. Your mission is not really to get fossils as only T.rex is needed to find, but, to fix the Raptor problem, build a 2-Star park and get a bunch of photographs of dinosaurs.

Here is the objectives:

For some reason in the select menu two brachiosaurs are pictured in The Lost World, but it is not one of the dinosaurs are present and it also can't be unlocked.

Dinosaurs FeaturedEdit

The following Dinosaurs appear in this exercise:

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