The chapter begins with Levine and his guide Diego climbing a rocky cliffside of an isolated island off the Costa Rican coast. Upon reaching the top of the cliff, Levine and Diego find themselves surrounded by lush jungle; Diego assembles the top-of-the-line Lindstradt air rifle he was given while Levine readies his Lindstradt air pistol. After arguing with Diego, who had lit a cigarette against Levine's wishes, the pair are interrupted by a bizarre noise; Diego inquires if it was a bird but Levine denies this. From their vantage point, the pair can see across most of the island and note that the island is the remains of an ancient volcanic crater that had collapsed and been eroded by time. Shortly after moving on, the two find evidence of an old overgrown Jeep trail and decide to follow it.

While following the trail, they come upon a shallow stream; Levine notices something glinting in the muddy banks. He discovers a pipette, typically used in laboratories. While examining the pipette, a nearby bush rattles and a small creature hops out. Levine is shocked that it is a mussaur, a prosauropod that existed in the late Triassic. Thrilled at seeing a living dinosaur, Levine extends his hand and the small creature hops right into it and sniffed his hand before hissing and running off. Smelling something odd and hearing rustling behind him; Levine turns just as Diego is attacked and is hauled off screaming into the jungle by an unseen animal with sharp, slashing claws on its feet. Out of the corner of his eye, Levine sees an animal charging him. Running, Levine is knocked to his knees and he realizes that despite all his planning he's about to die.