Electric race set box

The Lost World Jurassic Park Electric Racing Set is a race game made by Tyco Toys in 1997 after the release of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. You could actually build the set yourself.


The race takes place at the foot of a mountain, complete with a waterfall, a lake and dinosaurs. In the forest a metal tower can be seen, this is the High Hide from the Lost World novel. The rails are going behind the waterfall. The waterfall end in a lake with a Brachiosaur in it, a clear allusion to the first movie. A Tyrannosaurus rex tries grab the cars from the rails.


Dinosaurs that can be seen on the carton scenes:

InGen CarsEdit

Two cars are racing in this jungle. Both of them have the "InGen" and "The Lost World" logo on them. One car is green and the other army green.