After ending his lecture Malcolm leaves the Institute to have lunch with his friend, a young field biologist named Sarah Harding. On their way through the parking lot, they are approached by Levine who invites himself to lunch. Levine talks about persistant rumors of unknown animals turning up in Costa Rica and the Congo, though he admits there is no photographic evidence and in the case of the Costa Rican animals the remains are destroyed. Despite Malcolm's insistance that there are no such "Lost Worlds" where dinosaurs exist, Levine persists. He tells Malcolm and Harding of a persistent rumor he's heard that, several years ago, a genetics company called InGen managed to genetically re-create dinosaurs and placed them on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. Something went wrong, and a lot of people were killed; since then the animals were destroyed and everyone who knew what happened was paid to keep quiet (in Malcolm's case, having his medical bills paid for). Levine also mentions that he heard that Malcolm was one of the consultants that InGen hired for the island, and that he was there when the incident occured. Malcolm denies this, but Harding privately suspects that the rumors are true, recalling that when Malcolm was hospitalized he would often have fevered nightmares and repeat several dinosaur names. Harding believed that he wasn't having dreams, but reliving a horrific experience.

Malcolm brushes off the story of InGen's dinosaurs as modern-day mythmaking and nothing more, stating that several trips have been made to Isla Nublar since the supposed incident occured and no corroborating evidence was ever found. Levine is relieved at the idea that story about InGen is a myth, because it means that whatever animals have been showing up must be real dinosaurs. Levine proposes an expedition to locate these animals if they ever show back up again; Malcolm reluctantly agrees to go but privately thinks that there won't be any more reports. The three go their own ways; Harding returns to Nairobi to continue her study on hyenas and Malcolm returned to his lectures. Levine periodically contacts them on opinions for outfitting field gear, driving Malcolm up the wall with his constant questions.