Eddie, Ian and Thorne continue following the old jeep trail into the island. Malcolm asks if its okay to turn on the trailer's air conditioning; Thorne asks him not to, not wanting to drain the battery any faster than necessary so Malcolm rolls the window down instead. Eddie and Thorne are pleased with how the vehicles are holding up, despite only having traveled 5 miles. Eventually they reach a fork in the road and Eddie sees a faded sign; the left path leads to the swamp while the right path leads to Site B. Malcolm instructs Eddie to take the trail to Site B; as they follow the trail they smell sulfur bubbling up from the ground. Suddenly Eddie stops, forcing Thorne to swerve at the last second. Thorne berates Eddie, who doesn't hear him and is staring at something ahead of him.

Directly ahead, the foliage alongside the road had been beaten down, allowing them to see down across the road all the way across the island. Ahead of them they saw a large, pale brown animal with a large crest and two blunted horns crossing the road. Eddie asks them if they know what it is, and Malcolm responds that it is a young Triceratops. Soon, several other triceratops cross the road through the gap, through which they could see several duck-billed dinosaurs grazing along the banks of the river as well as a herd of Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus grazing beyond the river. The chapter ends with an awestruck Eddie asking "Doc, what is this place?"