Once the vehicles are fully charged, Thorne and Ian get into the trailer, while Eddie climbs into the Explorer and starts the vehicles up. Thorne begins activating their database systems, which work with radar and satellite data to give them an accurate map of the island. They notice what looks like a road leading north out of the clearing, and begin following it. Eventually they come to a stream, where Eddie stops and exits the Explorer after something caught his eye. Eddie plucks some shredded material out of the stream and show it to Thorne and Malcolm; its the same material they used to make Levine's backpacks. Around them, odd bird cries echo through the forest; Malcolm turns around, trying to locate its source while behind him Eddie states that "We have company."

Six small, green lizards approach the trailer and begin sniffing it and examining it; Eddie thinks they are salamanders but Malcolm corrects him, informing him they are Procompsognathus triassicus. Eddie, stunned at seeing living dinosaurs, remarks that he didn't think they came so small. Malcolm says that most dinosaurs were small, roughly the size of a sheep or small pony and that compys aren't dangerous as they are scavengers. Unnerved by the compy's apparent indifference to the presence of humans, Eddie attempts to scare them off by throwing rocks despite Malcolm's protests. After hearing more cries in the distance, they decide to continue their search for Levine. On the way back, Eddie feels compelled to ask if those compys were real, to which Malcolm replies, "it's all real."