Therizino hybrid
Note: The top left half of the image is of the hybrid Indominus rex

Hybrid of:

Therizinosaur + Unspecified number of organisms

Movie canon appearances

Jurassic World (computer screen only)

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The Therizinosaur hybrid is a hybrid between a therizinosaur and an unknown number of other creatures. It briefly appears on the computer screen of the Hammond Creation Lab in Jurassic World where it transitions to Indominus rex. In the process of the transitioning to the Indominus half of the hybrid can be seen in the right side of the screen.


Only half of this hybrid is known. It had therizinosaur DNA has shown by its large claws and its neck and head with the claws were about the size of the famous genus Therizinosaurus. Unlike therizinosaurs, however, it seeming only had two digits on each hand instead of three. It had two sails, one large and located on the back of the neck, and another, smaller one located on its throat. It can also be noted that the feet appear to be unusually long.


The Therizinosaur hybrid was among the hybrids seen on the computer screen of the Hammond Creation Lab, though it is unknown if it was ever created.[1]

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