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    10:19, October 20, 2015
    Mezozoica banner

    The spiritual succesor to this great game. The one that has been "modded and will be amazing to play.You should all in this desperate time help us to make this game a reality. By doing this not only can you get a copy of the game for a reasonable price but this game would be a great addition to JPOG.Please help on kickstarter

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    • I think everyone who calls themselves Jurassic Park fans should back this project.

      Mesozoica is our only chance for getting a new 2015-version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. How do I know this?

      Many fans really want a open world dinosaur shooter/survival game. Universal has tried that but failed; and they never tried again.

      Because of the high demand among dino fans, many fans have tried to provide the supply. I have seen many impressive fan projects to create a dinosaur survival/shooter game. Most of them dy out after a few years without even releasing a demo. All other are permanently under construction.

      However, there ARE dinosaur survival games now. To name a few: ARK: Survival Evolved, Primal Carnage, Primal: The Hunter etc. NONE of these are created by Universal, major video game companies or fans. They are for-profit indie games.

      The SAME will happen with the dinosaur zoo simulation/management game that many fans want. Universal will NOT create one. They have given us two simple social media management games, and there are no plans for anything greater.

      Jurassic park games

      Neither will any of the major video game companies create such a game. They could not be bothered to create a dinosaur shooter, neither will they create a dinosaur zoo management game.

      Fans will not create a dino zoo game, either. Ofcourse, there are a lot of fan projects out there; but there is no sign that they will be ANY more successful as their shooter counterparts.

      So, our only hope for getting a dinosaur zoo building and management game is with the indie game developers. Mesozoica is the best one I have seen so far. But it won't happen if fans do not financially support it.

      The Mesozoica team can only work on the project if there is money they can life on while they are creating the game. Remember, this is not something a bunch of dino fans work on during their free time.

      Mesozoica will not happen if they do not raise $50,000 on October 6. They are only at ~35,000 and there are only 11 days left.

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    • I backed this project, help us! We are only $5000 USD away! So close!

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    • So, we have reached $50,000 days b4 the deadline. That is good :) It is good to know there are still soo many dino fans left in the world.

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    • What about Prehistoric Kingdom?

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    • Manuel.vegapurificacion wrote: What about Prehistoric Kingdom?

      Like all other non-profit fanmade games, it will probably stay early in development for years. If the team doesn't fall apart again, that is.

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    • "fanmade"

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    • It's made by Jurassic Park fans, therefore, it's fanmade. 

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    • It isn't made by JP fands. I fact, it's made by an indie Company to avert inaccuracy, and isn't not fanmade, neither is it non-profit

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    • And Miyamoto being a M.U.L.E. fan doesn't make Mario games fanmade, right?

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    • Manuel.vegapurificacion wrote: "fanmade"

      O for crying out loud. Don't overinterpret things. But I guess I have to spoon-feed everything.

      I ment this: I ment games that are not made by a real company and that are developed by people who are not paid for doing it. They want to create it because they like dinosaurs.

      Projects like that are Crynosaurs, Jurassic Genetics, Jurassic Life, Trespassingpetrolia, Jurassic Park: Aftermath etc. etc. I have been following these games for years. Sure they release nice videos and screen shots. Maybe a simple demo. But that's it. Your hear nothing of them for years and many times the teams split up into even smaller projects or the project just fanishes.

      I haven't researched the background of Prehistoric Kingdom. I know it started out as Jurassic Genetics, but they fell apart. I haven't seen Prehistoric Kingdom accomplishing anything apart from building a nice website. Therefore, I place them under the same banner as the games I previously mentioned.

      I really hope Prehistoric Kingdom will finish and sell its product. However, we shouldn't put our hopes on projects like this to produce the games we want.

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    • PK is not non-profit.

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    • Eh, Mesozoica is a bit fishy to me. Too inaccurate, strange goings on with the devs and ties to the Stomping land make me uneasy to back this. Personally PK is my choice, because accuracy. I can cope with slow development if I get an accurate game.

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    • Well, I am glad this project was funded succesfully.

      I will now close this thread because the funding is completed and this should not be used to have off-topic arguments.

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