• This discussion is what it is rumored of what I think to seem to appear. I know you might say that I am wrong about it, but I am not joking, or not hyping you. Bastiomonk, if you find this, comment on it to see what you think. Here is my discussion: What if, in the sequel, Blue is truly a genetically modified hybrid, just like the Indominus Rex? What if her raptor pack, Delta, Charlie, and Echo, were hybrids like her? What if the sequel takes a plot twist and reveals her true form? This IS crazy, but what if before Owen was given his raptors when they were young, way before they were born, they were genetically modified secretly? In Jurassic World, they looked a lot like the featherless velociraptor we know, but they were adolescents let's say. Blue survived, and spent 3 years alone on Isla Nublar, and she shows her true colors: she starts developing feathers, grows slightly larger, and is able to change her skin color to brown, purple, and green of any shade. I might be wrong about the camouflaging part, but what if Wu put a few unspecified dinos and animals into her genes? For example, she could have cuttlefish DNA, like the I-Rex. However, more evidence shows that Hoskins wanted to militarize the raptors. Does this mean he knew about it? You might say, oh no, if that is true, she would have those abilities already. No, what if Owen didn't know, and what if Blue didn't know about her abilities at that time? Who knows what role Blue could play in the sequel once it is revealed that she is a hybrid, but it is a rumor, my rumor.

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