Sometime after Malcolm, Thorne and Eddie entered the ruined building  Arby Denton emerged from a locked storage cabinet, having used a credit card to unlatch it from the inside. After using the bathroom and priding himself on how his plan to get them to Isla Sorna worked, which included sending a delayed message to Thorne to give the impression they were back at home, he unlatches Kelly's cabinet and wakes her up. Kelly, with whom money is a sore subject, gives the credit card an odd look and leaves to use the bathroom. Arby waits for her, not really knowing what to say to her and being fully aware of his tendency to be socially awkward which he attributes to being overly smart and not athletic as well as being black, not feeling like he fits in anywhere.

Once Kelly was done with the bathroom, the two kids started looking for something to eat and discussing what they'd overheard. Kelly thought the adults had been worked up over something, and thought she heard them talking about dinosaurs, which Arby found amusing. Talking about Thorne and the others made Arby realize the adults would most likely be furious that the pair of them had stowed way after being told no, but Kelly reminded him there wasn't much they could do now that they were on the island. While eating, Kelly notices the abandoned complex and wonders out loud who would build such a huge building out in the middle of nowhere. She notices that the grass has grown up high around the building, indicating its been abandoned for years; she also notices a game trail a short distance away, the grass trampled firmly down. Arby assumes deer made it, but Kelly replies she hasn't seen any animals. Shortly after that the two kids fall asleep, with the implication that during their nap two adult Tyrannosaurs come upon the trailer and Arby sees them while sleeping and writes it off as a dream.