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Troodon was added to Jurassic World: The Game on January 4, 2016 as a tournament carnivore.



Information Edit

Troodon is unlocked by winning a Troodon pack from either the roulette or if the player places in the top 1% of the Troodon tournament. Additional individuals can be purchased in the market for 7,500 DNA.

Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability Legendary
Incubation Period 10 Days (10:22:00)
Placement Cost

7,500 DNA

Selling Reward 3,750 DNA
Maximum Earning Rate 408 Gold/Minute
Additional Information Troodon


  • Level 1-10
  • Level 11-20
  • Level 21-30
  • Level 31-40

Unlocked TriviaEdit

Evo 1Edit


"Did you know that the Troodon is often labelled as the 'smartest dinosaur' on account of its unusually large brain?"

Evo 2Edit


"While its brain was proportionally large compared to its 75 pound body, the Troodon has the intelligence of an average chicken!"

Evo 3Edit


"Had it not gone extinct, it's speculated that the Troodon might have evolved to a human level of intelligence."

Evo 4Edit


"The name Troodon comes from the Greek for 'wounding tooth' due to its serrated teeth."

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Unmodified Earning Rates (8 Hours) Feeding Rates Life Attack
10 6,120 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 622 292
20 24,480 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 1066 500
30 73,440 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 1624 761
40 195,840 MAX 2298 1077


  • Unlike in previous games Troodon has appeared in, it is depicted with feathers, most prominently on its arms.