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Under Control
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Under Control is a chapter from the novel Jurassic Park. The number of creatures on the island appears to be getting under control.


The park seems finally to have been brought under control. There are now fewer animals, because some have been killed off by other animals. Since the fences were down for so long, all the animals have mingled. Grant and Muldoon decide to search for the animal nests, especially the raptor nests. They have to account for every animal born on the island before they allow the Costa Rican National Guard to destroy the entire place. They find some grenades in an unmarked storeroom and set off. Grant explains the mystery of how the dinosaurs were able to breed. Under certain conditions frogs can change sex, and the dinosaurs all have frog DNA. Grant, Ellie and Gennaro discover the raptor nest. Grant slips down into the hole.

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