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An African-American woman worked as a park ranger at Masrani Gloaba's Jurassic World theme park in 2015.


During the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015, the inhabitants of the Aviary were released and attacked the Main Street area of the park. All park rangers and remaining Asset Containment Units were scrambled to repel the pterosaurs, this ranger among them. Armed with a tranquilizing pistol and rifle, she tossed the rifle to recently-arrived park employee Owen Grady, who caught it and joined the rangers in Main Street. Upon arrival, the ranger and her teammates opened fire on the pterosaurs with tranquilizer darts, stunning most of them though endangering the lives of Claire Dearing's nephews when one nearly crushed them upon crash-landing. The ranger then presumably assisted in the evacuation of the island.

Behind the scenesEdit

This woman appears briefly in the film handing Owen a rifle and later tranquilizing the attacking pterosaurs.

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