"It's a birdcage."
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Hybrid of:

Pachycephalosaur + Cuttlefish + Tree frog + Theropod[1] + Unknown number of organisms

Movie canon appearances

Jurassic World (Screen only)

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The Unidentified hybrid is a mysterious hybrid that resembles a cross between a Pachycephalosaur and a theropod.


At first glance, the hybrid superficially resembles a pachycephalosaur. But upon closer inspection, it has traits of theropod dinosaurs. First are the legs that are like a theropod rather than a pachycephalosaur and second is the arms with two fingers on each hand, like a tyrannosaurid theropod such as Tyrannosaurus rex.


The Unidentified hybrid was one of the three hybrids seen on a computer screen inside the Hammond Creation Lab along with Indominus rex and Stegoceratops, though it is unknown if it was ever created.[1]


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