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Description Edit

I have dark blond hair and stylish glasses. I am slim and tall (1.62) and lightweight (62kg)

I'm hard, tender, noble, trustworthy, smart, a little bit hyperactive, he did a very agile on the grass przewrotkę hard and fast.

about me Edit

hi my name is Gabrys and I 12 years old, I go up to 6 classes, I like Fiats 126p, chemistry, animals and Engineering. I have a dog as a birthday Tosie September 7 0066b47559



50485 full Jurassic 790screen015

location Poland, Gdynia, hylonia
skills strength and aggressiveness.

gallery Edit

SPINO WP 1024 TREX WP 1024 Spinosaurus x T-rex 1 JP-Wallpaper-part-3-jurassic-park-2352562-1024-768BRACHIO WP 1024 JP3-DesktopBackgrounds3 JP-Wallpaper-part-3-jurassic-park-2352561-1024-768 ClayRex 14-1 11286 50485 full Jopg2 Jurassicpark 2 Spinosaurus-dinosaur-picture Ceratosaurus SimJP2007-04-2709-08-01-42 Jurassic-park-operation-genesis Jurassic 790screen015 Jurassicparkps2 790screen002 Jurassicparkps2 790screen004

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