This wiki has a problem, and I want we start a discussion about it.

I'm getting REALLY sick of all those users that add articles to tons of (mostly useless) categories in order to get batches.

Categories are used to put related subjects together. At the bottom of an article thumbnails are shown to articles that share categories with the current page. I think it is VERY ungly if I read the Allosaurus article, and Ian Malcolm is among the thumbnails at the bottom (both were in cat 1993).

A huge amount of articles are added to these useless categories:

  • Brainy1130's Favorite Pages (stupid!)
  • 1993 (toooo general)
  • 1997
  • Jurassic Park Trilogy (which includes ANYTHING JP related)
  • Synonym Dinosaurs (what is the point of it?)
  • Diplodocid (this isn't wikipedia)

I have removed a lot of categories from pages. But I want us all to discuss WHICH categories we WILL use, because there are a lot of doubles.

  • Toy lines or Toy Lines or Toy Line
  • Enemies, Enemy, Villain, Villains or Antagonist
  • Jurassic, Jurassic Dinosaurs

Let us discuss this issue at Forum:Categories.