I saw a recent article from the Los Angeles Times featuring Jack Horner.

The article quotes Horner about what he thinks about movie dinosaurs:

Movie dinosaurs aren't nearly as glamorous as real ones, 
which were brightly colored.

All dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were brown/grey. I never understood that, but Horner explains:

"Steven has made the point several times to me that colorful dinosaurs 
are not very scary. Gray and brown and black are more scary. I worked on 
the television series Terra Nova with Steven as well, and he did get 
some color into some of those.

Horner also got some more color in the Jurassic Park III dinosaurs. In JP and TLW all dinosaurs are grey/brown (at least to the untrained eye). In JP3 all dinosaurs, and particularly the raptors have a lot of colors.

Species Jurassic Park Jurassic Park III
Tyrannosaurus rex brown/grey green/black
Brachiosaurus brown/grey green/brown/red
Triceratops brown/grey green
Raptor brown/grey white/blue/red

If I compare the JP and TLW dinos to the JP3 dinos, they look downright boring. Unless you are suffering of nostalgia. A lot of fans claim that the original raptors look better than the JP3 ones. This tendency I see in a lot of franchises. Most fans only like this first films of a franchise, even when the first ones are obviously just as good or worse. Most old fans say that the first parts Final Fantasy were much better than the post-VII ones. A lot of fans claim that the Prequel trilogy of Star Wars looks much worse than the old trilogy. I all cases it is obvious to everyone that the media looks much better, and thus more enjoyable.

Since Colin Trevorrow announced that there would be no feathers in JPIV I was afraid that I would only see the boring JP raptors in JPIV.

However, Horner says:

So I think by ['Jurassic Park] IV,' we'll have a little more colorful animals.

My opinion is clear. What do YOU think about this?