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Edmontosaurus and Anatotitan


See the skull?

Hello every1,

I propose that two articles will be fused. If no-one replies I will do it. These two:

Recent research has shown that Anatotitan was actually a species of Edmontosaurus. Well, Stygimoloch was probably a species of Pachycephalosaurus, but still we don't fuse them because Stygimoloch's name appears in so much JP media. The same can be said about Torosaurus, Homalocephale etc. etc.

However, Anatotitan's named NEVER appears in JP media. JPLegacy members spotted a skull in the T. rex nest (see picture). They identified it as belonging to Anatotitan; which is probably true. But Anatotitan never appears anywhere else.

The Edmontosaurus article isn't very large, so we could easily incorporate that scene from TLW.

Anyone who doesn't agree???

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