As far as I know the date on which the events in the Jurassic Park novel took place are not known. In the timeline of the JPLegacy Encyclopedia the novel events take place on August 1989. Dito on our Timeline (Novel canon). But, as far as I know, the day is not known. Except that it was during a weekend.

this is an idea that struck me lately. I don't know if anyone else already saw it, or if the JPL crew already discarded it as not usefull. But when I check all posts with the Search option I couldn't find it.

On page 232 (Novel bundle) Alan Grant sees a Full Moon, I immediately wondered if that moon could give a glue. I looked up the Full Moon dates of 1989 on this site:

In August 1989 the Full Moon took place on Thursday, 17 August 1989, 05:06:36 am.

So, the only weekend on which a (relatively) full moon was visible was saturday August 19 & sunday August 20.

Well, plz tell me what u think. Laugh at me if you all know it for years. Personally I don't believe Crichton bothered to check the moon phases dates. I think when he wrote the novel he thought, "well this looks nice with a full moon".

It doesn't contradict any other information in the novel, so... it is our best shot. Add it to the article????