Ok, there are a lot of pages about Isla Sorna incidents:

I think they are redundant because those articles are just repeating the main plot of two movies.

The 1995 Incident probably never existed because its data is based on the film script, while that data is not based on the movie. I think it is wrong to call everything that happends in a movie, film or game is title a Isla Sorna Incident.

Ofcourse you could say that there is a Isla Nublar Incident page. But that one I'm not happy with either. It also just repeats the main plots of the novel and movie without adding something new. Also it is NEVER called Isla Nublar Incident in ANY JP media, in the novel it is called the INGEN INCIDENT.

So, what I propose is this:

All Isla Sorna Incident pages are deleted.

The Isla Nublar Incident page is renamed to InGen Incident and a lot if reduntant material is removed from the article. The article will be protected so random users won't put obvious plot stuff on it.